Together, Everyone Achieves More (T.E.A.M)

T.E.A.M Scholar Experience

By Rid Hagos ’22

T.E.A.M is undoubtedly the most satisfying program I’ve been involved in on this campus! Beginning from my first week at Bucknell, I was involved in the Ramp Up pre-orientation program, directly linked with T.E.A.M. The program was extremely exciting to say the least. We visited a ropes course, spent a night in a lodge cabin, and participated in so many other fun activities! It wasn’t only exciting, however. T.E.A.M allows its participants to have an excellent start at Bucknell. It truly makes me feel at home and really gives me a sense of comfort. The people I’ve met through the program are absolutely amazing! I wouldn’t even consider T.E.A.M a community of individuals. It’s more like a family.

T.E.A.M stands for “Together, Everyone Achieves More.” The title of the program is certainly fulfilling. T.E.A.M meets consistently to address certain struggles or issues that participants might be facing. As one of the scholars, I’ve been able to build my professionalism, interpersonal skills, and academic prowess. Consistent meetings allow members to continuously interact with each other and provide the support this program promises.

Each scholar also has his/her own mentor! This mentor checks with the scholar weekly to ensure that he/she is flourishing academically, socially, and mentally. My personal mentor has done an amazing job. He’s been able to keep me steady through my roughest weeks on this campus, and has provided loads of advice that have been useful until this day. I couldn’t be more grateful for every person in T.E.A.M who’s worked to keep me thriving through my first year on this campus. I’ve been able to accomplish things I never thought I’d even consider before. I plan on staying involved with the program until the end of my time on campus. There aren’t many programs I’d be so quick to recommend for an incoming first year, but T.E.A.M certainly is one.


T.E.A.M Mentor Experience

By Leslie Galvez ’20

When I first arrived on campus, I felt like I had just stepped onto a completely different planet. Everything and everyone felt so foreign and I instantly felt like I did not belong on this campus.

Obviously that is until I got involved with T.E.A.M. Although I was not as fortunate enough as Rid to do the pre-orientation program known as Ramp Up, I instantly formed bonds and connections with other first years and staff members on this campus. We all came from such distinct parts of the United States and although we all were not the same people, there was a lot we could relate to and discuss about upon our experiences on this campus. The beauty of it was that for once in my first couple of weeks at Bucknell, I felt like I was home. I felt like I belonged.

The director of the program, Rosalie Rodriguez, does this intentionally. She meticulously works to create a successful program that caters to every scholar and mentor involved. She fosters a strong sense of community and family for a group of underrepresented students on campus and offers them a huge support system that will last for their four or five years at Bucknell. Rosalie makes this possible by taking scholars and mentors on a series of off-campus activities so students can learn to trust and engage with each other and also through a series of endless workshops that prepare first years by providing them with the right resources and tools so succeed on campus. T.E.A.M is perhaps one of the biggest support systems a first year can have on this campus and it offers everyone a bit of wisdom and guidance we could all use when times get tough at Bucknell.

However, the scholar is not the only one who is learning and growing in T.E.A.M. As a mentor, the scholars have taught me so much about people and have helped me learn more about myself. The ability to listen to other people’s stories and relate to them is a powerful skill not many have or do well. I have been given the chance to meet so many cool people and experience so many things I never would have thought I would have had the chance to say. I have grown to love and support everyone in this program and it will always hold a special place in my heart.

I will always recommend T.E.A.M for anyone willing to share their experiences with underclassmen and are ready to be a support system for anyone in need of one. T.E.A.M has provided me with my family and for that I am forever grateful.

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