April’s Student Org Spotlight: LACOS

(Latine Alliance For Community And Opportunity For Students)

LACOS is a resource for students to create community, explore identity, and develop cultural awareness within the Latin diaspora. This includes countries rooted in North America, Central America, South America, Europe, and the Caribbean. LACOS focuses primarily on the development of students who identify as Latine, Hispanic, and /or as part of Spanish and Portuguese-speaking cultures, and is open to all students. The group features an Executive Board, members who participate in Caucuses, and offers a host of annual cultural programs related to arts, education, and service. Some events that we have throughout the year consist of Bailes, Feria Latina, LACOS Gala, and Baila con LACOS (where you get to learn bachata, merengue, salsa, and other dances rooted in our culture), among other events we have. We try our best to incorporate each country into these types of events and make sure everyone feels welcomed!

LACOS contributes to the diversity and inclusion initiatives at Bucknell by making people feel welcomed and allowing anyone who may resonate with this culture, or that are allies, to join the group. We strive to make this organization as inclusive as possible and make sure people have a home away from home in which they get to celebrate their culture with each other or learn a thing or two about this culture. 

LACOS gave me the opportunity to explore my cultural identity and feel empowered in doing so.
– Gabby Diaz, Class of ’25

LACOS Events This Month

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