Monday, April 29th, 2019

Lewisburg Arts Festival

By Minh Anh Phan ’22 From various types of fine arts like photography and drawing to home and garden accessories, Lewisburg Arts Festival this year featured more than 100 talented artists displaying their works throughout downtown Lewisburg. The event is a part of Celebration of the Arts, sponsored by the Lewisburg Arts Council, with financial assistance from members and many local businesses and institutions. Lewisburg Arts Council was founded in 1968 with its primary mission to encourage and advance visual and performing arts in the Lewisburg area. They have been providing many opportunities to support local artists’ development and engage […]

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Friday, April 26th, 2019

Grand Challenge Scholar Lunch Series Talk: Reverse Engineering the Brain

By Minh Anh Phan ’22 One of the greatest benefits of studying in a liberal arts college is the diverse, interdisciplinary perspective we get as we learn to perceive things from different lenses. The “Reverse Engineering the Brain” talk by Professor John Hunter from Film/ Media Studies department at Bucknell exemplifies that spirit. It was held on Tuesday, April 23rd as a part of Grand Challenge Scholars lunch talk series. Grand Challenge Scholar is a program by National Academy of Engineering (NAE), a nonprofit organization with a dedication to advance the well-being of the nation. At Bucknell, the program has […]

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Monday, April 22nd, 2019

The Bisonettes Ball

By Maya Brown ’22 On April 13, 2019, the Bisonettes dance team held their annual Bisonettes ball at the Macdonald Commons. The three hour event featured performances by the Bison Sound, dance students of Bucknell, and the Bisonettes themselves. Women from Africa, Asia, Dominica, Barbados, Jamaica, and even Danville graced the stage showing off different styles of dance. The free event was open to the general public and commemorated the senior captains leaving the team along with the future captains. Although the event started upbeat, tears were shed as a slideshow dedicated toward Patricha Williams and Titi Awe played on […]

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Wednesday, April 10th, 2019

LACOS Gala 2019

By Maya Brown ’22 On Saturday, April 6th was “Raices,” an annual gala produced by Latinx Alliance for Community and Opportunity for Students (LACOS) club at Bucknell. The event was held in Larison dining hall from 5-7 pm. Every year, there is a distinct theme for the gala, and this year’s theme focused on understanding the roots of Latinx culture, which can be compared to a tree, where the roots are grounded and span into different directions. This year’s gala featured a number of performances that included a traditional dance from Mexico, a Bachata group dance, a performance from the […]

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Saturday, April 6th, 2019

Asian Gala 2019

By Minh Anh Phan ’22 As one of the most celebrated cultural events on campus happening every spring semester, Asian Gala this year was held at Larison Dining Hall on Saturday, the 30th of March. Around 5 pm, the atmosphere of Larison Hall had been heating up as students started to line up to purchase tickets and attend the gala. Asian Gala is hosted by Students for Asian Awareness at Bucknell (SAAB) annually as its signature event. With the vision to raise awareness of the Asian culture at Bucknell, SAAB runs large, annual, campus-wide events, such as the Asian Gala, […]

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Monday, April 1st, 2019

UnHerd Series: Dear Brown America

By Lindsey Gellar ’20 “Is racism still just black and white?” Dr. Rahuldeep Gill asked. With the changing political and cultural climate, the demographics of the United States are progressing towards an array of different racial backgrounds and colors. With the changing climate, how we identify, address, and combat racism must adapt. Dr. Rahuldeep Gill visited Bucknell on March 27th to present in Multicultural Student Services’ UnHerd Series. Dr. Gill is an associate professor of religion at California Lutheran University, with focuses in the evolution of Sikh tradition as well as the interaction between Sikhs, Buddhists, and Muslims. In his […]

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Thursday, March 28th, 2019

BSU Fashion Show

By Maya Brown ’22 On March 1, 2019, I walked the stage for the first time at the BSU Fashion Show in Davis Gym. The fashion show is an annual event, hosted by Black Student Union (BSU) at Bucknell, showcasing the artistic talents of the members through clothing. Before walking, I paced back and forth backstage, switching up my poses, practicing the faces I would make, and preparing myself for any types of failure.  Adrenaline pumping through my system, I opened the curtains and slapped on a fierce face that would hide my nerves and doubt. The audience stared at […]

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Tuesday, February 12th, 2019

Together, Everyone Achieves More (T.E.A.M)

T.E.A.M Scholar Experience By Rid Hagos ’22 T.E.A.M is undoubtedly the most satisfying program I’ve been involved in on this campus! Beginning from my first week at Bucknell, I was involved in the Ramp Up pre-orientation program, directly linked with T.E.A.M. The program was extremely exciting to say the least. We visited a ropes course, spent a night in a lodge cabin, and participated in so many other fun activities! It wasn’t only exciting, however. T.E.A.M allows its participants to have an excellent start at Bucknell. It truly makes me feel at home and really gives me a sense of […]

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