February’s Student Org Spotlight:
Bucknell’s Black Student Union

The Black Student Union (BSU) at Bucknell is an organization that aims to provide and maintain an environment that allows black students to strive and complete their education. BSU is one of the most active organizations with a strong presence on campus. The BSU strives to work towards the unification of Black students within their own community as well as the wider Bucknell community. The organization promotes black awareness through cultural activities, such as the annual Kwanzaa celebration, Black History Month, Black Arts Festival, lectures, films, and other events. They work collectively with other campus partners to advocate for the importance of black history and enhance African studies. While advocating for the needs of black students, BSU acts as a liaison between students, faculty, staff and the administration.

Bryanni Williams, the current president of BSU, says:

I chose BSU for their sense of community! Being black at Bucknell can be hard at times, but BSU created and provided me with a space to talk about my experience while also listening and learning from others. I wanted a family that not only looks like me, but also understands what it feels like to be the only one of you in particular spaces, its challenges, but also the joy and beauty Bucknell can bring! I wanted a family and community who would accept me, motivate and inspire me, and support me, and thus far, it has been just that! BSU has served as my family and community and we are looking to do the same for those to come.

It is this commitment to Bucknell’s black students, their cultures, and the creation of a community that earned them Diversity and Inclusion’s February Student Org Spotlight. We are proud of all they have accomplished and look forward to the strides they take in the future.

BSU’s Upcoming February Events

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